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The dashboard of a car with the clock on the left side, the speed indicator on the right side and a start stop sign in the middle

The Challenges of a Changing Market

Within the next few years, around 90% of all newly manufactured cars will have built-in start-stop technology, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions by switching off idle engines. But supporting start-stop technology this is just one of the tasks of the battery. As cars are equipped with more and more power-consuming items – such as satnav, DVD screen and Smartphone interface, a robust energy supply has to be in place. And that´s a task conventional SLI batteries are simply not able to fulfill.

We're Ready for Start-Stop – Since 2002

When we started the AGM battery serial production in 2002, we didn't just want to meet the demands of car manufacturers. We wanted a battery so powerful that it would become the benchmark in the start-stop segment. The result: our VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM. To guarantee the best quality, we have put in place more than 100 process and product parameters and variables which are being inspected and monitored during the production of the AGM batteries. This has made us the No. 1 battery supplier for the automotive industry. For cars with superior power needs, and for entry-level start-stop systems we recommend our VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB.

Our Batteries for Vehicles with Start-Stop Systems

AGM Advanced Technology

AGM Advanced Technology

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat – a technology that is found in VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM batteries. AGM technology is designed to handle the toughest electrical loads required in new cars with premium features.

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Powerframe grid technology

PowerFrame® grid technology

We would like to present our VARTA PowerFrame® grid technology. It ensures a stronger and longer-lasting grid design with up to 66% more durability and more corrosion-resistance than other grid designs.

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